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Thanks4giving Virtual Run / Nap

Where do I run / nap? Runners, you pick the course! Go on your own or gather a group. Public places, community athletic fields, indoor or outdoor creative! If you are napping, good for you! It's what these four days are for. The overachievers can have their run. The rest of us will enjoy some peace and relaxation.

How far? As far as you want! Go for a 5K, 10K, one-mile fun run or race-walk....couch, bed, lazy boy...whatever works for you!

When? The start time is up to you, but you must start and finish you run/nap sometime between Thursday, November 26 and Sunday, November 29.

What will I receive? After you complete your run or nap, you will receive an office PTK Virtual Run / Nap t-shirt in the mail!

How do you know that our group ran / napped? Like the Promise To Kate Foundation on Facebook. Post a photo of your group before you begin. We want to let others know you are participating so they can cheer you on! Check in regularly over the weekend to see what everyone else is doing. 

Don't forget to sport your pink and green swag to support PTK!