Spotlight on Jami Bueker, Promise to Kate Board Member

Jami with husband Paul at The Reception, Promise to Kate's annual fundraising gala.

Jami with husband Paul at The Reception, Promise to Kate's annual fundraising gala.

We recently interviewed Jami Bueker about her involvement with Promise to Kate. Jami joined the board approximately two years ago and brings with her a wealth of non-profit experience. She was recently named Executive Director of Vision is Priceless, a local non-profit that provides vision screening and access to vision care for the uninsured and under-served in our community.  Jami’s energy, good judgement and willingness to help wherever needed has been invaluable to us. We are truly honored that she serves as a member of our board.      

How did you learn about the Promise to Kate (PTK) foundation? Elizabeth and David are friends of a friend. Kate was born a few months after my daughter, Sophia. My friend kept me updated on Kate's progress after birth and diagnosis. It was hard to hear what Elizabeth and David were going through. My heart hurt for them and I barely knew them. My little girl was progressing on schedule but Kate was having setbacks. You never wish that on any parent.

After attending the Promise to Kate annual fundraising gala, The Reception, one year, I wanted to help anyway I could. I joined the fundraising committee to help with the following year's event.

What was your first impression of PTK? I loved the mission and the dedication Elizabeth and David had for helping Kate and others impacted by Myotonic Dystrophy. Their passion is contagious and it was hard not to be inspired after talking with them.

What is it about PTK that made you want to get more involved? Elizabeth and David are honest and caring people. It is important to trust that a nonprofit will be good stewards of the donations they are given. I felt good about giving my own gifts to the agency and asking others to give. I wanted to donate but I also wanted to volunteer my time.

How have you seen the foundation grow? PTK has grown tremendously over the past few years, not only with increasing donated funds but the number of supporters has increased. The organization is growing organically and is definitely a grass roots nonprofit.  

What do you wish other people knew about Promise to Kate? Funds raised aren't supporting Kate and her journey. Some people seem to think that PTK is just for Kate. The funds are helping so many other families who are living with DM and helping to fund research and advocacy. This little nonprofit is making a big impact on people's lives. 

When your friends/family find out you are on the board of PTK, what do they say or ask? They ask me what Myotonic Dystrophy is and ask who is Kate!

Tell me about some of the people you’ve meet while working with Promise to Kate. Elizabeth and David have a lot of friends who love and support PTK. They have a great loving network of friends. I've met a lot of people including researchers and doctors in the field of DM research and care. The other board members are an incredible group of volunteers. We each bring a different perspective and expertise to the organization. I've really enjoyed getting to know them.

What is your favorite part about serving on the board? I am proud to be on the board. I'm honored that David and Elizabeth feel I can help PTK fulfill its mission along with all of the other volunteers. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating? Donations to Promise to Kate are making a difference. The money is used wisely and is funding research, care, and support. Donors should have the peace of mind that their investment in PTK is worth it and is supporting the mission.